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FAQs // Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about chiroactic healing arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Does chiropractic hurt?
Not in our office. We offer the pro-adjuster, which uses an oscillatory adjustment which gently wiggles the vertebral joints free in order for proper spinal mechanics (movement).

What can chiropractic help?
Chiropractic is a healing art that normalizes spinal movement patterns by providing movement to stuck vertebral joints, repositioning vertebral segments, or by simply relieving spinal column tension related to stressed and tightened muscles. By relieving one ore more of these abnormal components it allows the nervous system (the most important system of the body) to function at its highest capacity allowing the body to heal a variety of ailments from: headaches, back and neck pain, to the less obvious dysmenorrhea, ear infections, sinus, allergy, and many more. Send me an email on a specific condition or ailment and I will answer if chiropractic could be your answer.

4) Why is the nervous system the most important system in the body?
You can live a month without food, 10 days without water, minutes without air, and seconds without a nervous system. The nervous system controls every cell in the entire body and it is the top of hierarchy in systems (circulatory, muscle-skeletal, and endocrine) of the body and is evident with quadriplegics and paraplegics. For instance there associated decrease in life expectancy is equivalent to the extent of nervous system damage.

Should you go to a chiropractor before surgery for a herniated disc?
In absence of any serious neurologic signs (inability to control bowl/bladder function, severe limb atrophy), YES chiropractic does provide pain relief. Moreover it addresses the cause of the problem. This is the body’s inability to distribute its weight properly through the spinal column causing vertebral disc and associated ligament, tendons, and muscles to bear more weight or unevenly than the structure was designed for.

When do I need chiropractic care?
Everyone should get chiropractic evaluation to determine if there spine is moving and working properly to support and protect there vital nervous system. Most people (not all) when symptom free will have little movement characteristic issues or signs of spinal stress( muscle tension, sleeplessness, stiffness, headaches, and others) which can be helped through a chiropractic wellness/preventive care regime.

What is chiropractic wellness care regime?
This type of care plan is when there are few to no obvious symptoms such as aches and pains, but there might be some things you gave up doing like bending down to pick up your child/grandchild, or maybe you stopped your jogging or other exercise you liked to do. These are the silent straws that are building on the camel’s back. These types’ silent ailments are usually prevented by adapting a wellness/preventative healthcare model whereas you have a standing two month appointment with a chiropractor as well as a concurrent exercise, and stress reduction plan in place to help your body deal with ever increasing stress (physical, chemical, emotional) of life we are subjected to.

Can chiropractic help my allergies?
Yes, your allergies are controlled by your immune system which is located throughout your body but is ultimately controlled by your nervous system. When you alleviate: chemical stresses such as smoke, perfumes and other toxins, emotional stresses, and the physical stress ie lack of proper movement in the spinal column, your body can then start the healing process and regain proper function of its immune system.

Once I go to a chiropractor, do I have to go forever?
No, depending on what your choice is healthcare or sick care. In our office preventative/wellness care is up to the individual not an office policy. It is our job to educate the patient on importance and cost saving advantages of participating in preventative/wellness care plan but it is the patient’s decision and we respect that decision.

Can chiropractic cause strokes?
There are 1 in 3 million chances of having a stroke during a rotary cervical (neck adjustment) spinal adjustment. A person has greater probability of dying from taking an aspirin (72 in 3 million), getting struck by lightening (5 in 3 million), or winning the pick 5 lottery (14 in 3 million chance). Even with chances as low as one three million we still don’t take chances by doing a comprehensive examination to rule out any one who is not healthy enough for a spinal adjustment as well as using the pro-adjuster which adjust the cervical spine(aka neck) in a neutral position which does not torque the arteries which can cause a stroke. As you can see your safety is always first in our office.

Isn’t chiropractic care expensive?
No, it is relatively inexpensive when you compare it to the alternatives. In the sick care model we wait until are symptoms like PAIN and loss of function, and degeneration are so severe that your only viable options seem to be drugs and surgery. And with that causes loss wages and more importantly is the time that you normally you would be enjoying life. At our office we provide free consultation and spinal analysis to people so they don’t have to wait until there a significant signs and symptoms. They can learn about there spinal health in a non threatening environment (Not in Pain), now if they need care they learn about all their options and how their lifestyle plays a roll and what there options are to resolve/prevent their problem/soon to be problem. At this point some adjustments, exercises and stress reduction strategies are given and your health and wellness are surpassing past conceptions, and we don’t have to lose our time nor experience the pain of the sick care model.

Does it take long to get chiropractic care?
No, an average adjustment takes 5 to 7 minutes. We also have open air adjusting during busy hours which allows for greater adjusting efficiency and more patient education by learning through others experiences. All exams and consultations are one on one and, if preferred, we do have closed door adjusting for when people are in crisis or just prefer the one on one aspect. Nevertheless our office strives to provide the highest caliber care while being concise and efficient with each patient’s precious time.